Pathfinding ¦ Building Dreams for“One Belt, One Road” Taihe Optoelectronics 2018 Russian Agricultural Exhibition Documentary

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2018 Russian Agricultural Exhibition,was held from November 20th to 23rd at the International Convention and Exhibition Center in Krasnodar,Russia, in just three days, 679 exhibitors from 58 regions of Russia and 35 other countries gathered together in Krasnodar,Taihe Optoelectronics was invited to participate in the exhibition, and brought the wonderful experience of Zhihua series miscellaneous grain color sorter products to our customers.This time, Taihe Optoelectronics booth had set a user experience space.Open the intelligent sorting horizon in front of exhibitors and audiences from all over the world to see the future of sorting.

Zhihua series color sorting machine has 190 million super high pixels, holographic flash camera with 0.06mm resolution, accurate acquisition with a ring-shaped self-repairing lens,avoid problems such as wide-angle deformation caused by ordinary industrial lenses;Doron Dialogue SOC-Self-Synchronous Sensing Network, processing speed is increased by 5 times compared to ordinary DSP processors,the transmission speed is increased by 4 times; Magnetic coupling intelligent control pneumatic system to achieve soft contact of functions, with a service life of up to 12 billion times; The original full-covering cleaning system has low noise and 20% improvement of the cleaning effect. The exclusive patented airflow dust removal system has no dust accumulation, easy to clean, and the dust removal effect is increased by 80%, which brings more extreme sorting effect to the user.


As a technology-oriented manufacturing company, Taihe Optoelectronics attaches great importance to research and development, and has developed color sorting products for hundreds of agricultural products such as corn, beans, tea and wheat. At present, it has spread all over the country and many countries and regions such as Asia, North America, Europe, Africa and Oceania..