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Product Introduction


X-ray inspection system makes use of the object’s intensity difference in absorbing X-ray to discriminate the foreign matter with larger density. Bulk cargo integral X-ray inspection system can satisfy unique handling and detection requirements of mobile product in bulk, and help food raw materials and food producers & suppliers to obey strict HACCP Protocol and food safety regulations. 

It is applicable to dead angle-free detection recognition and all-round & accurate elimination of physical foreign matter in bulk cargo including food raw materials (such as peanut, etc.), dehydrated vegetables, raisins, nuts, candies, and so on. For example, it can effectively defect kinds of metal and nonmetal foreign matters (such as stone, glass, dense plastic, ceramic, hard bone, rubber, etc.) in bulk cargo (like peanut) and pebble inlaid in peanut. 

 Product advantage


1、Micrometer Sensing System   

     Accurate recognition with no blind corner, over 50% boost in detection speed, unparalleled output.

2、Smart Detecting Brain

     One button to push, detection process visible, easy and reliable. 

3、 Sky Eye Platform

       Distance management via mobile and PC, unattended control realized.

4、Self-optimization Platform

     One push to update the system, best operating experience ever.


5、Black Shield Platform

     Comprehensive database installed, automatic data recovery ensured, manufacturing tools secured.  

6、Self-adaptive Service

    Stable in different settings, flexible to customized needs. 

Product Specifications of X-ray inspection machine for bulk material


Detection sensitivity Metal ball:0.3mm/Metal wire: 0.2mm*5mm
Belt width 420mm,Food grade polyurethane fiction conveyor belt
Dimension 2400mm*1270mm*2390mm
Net weight 600KG
X-ray output Rated power 210W, Maximum voltage 60kV, Maximum current 5mA
Conveyor speed 90m/min
Screen 15-inch touch screen
 X-ray leakage rate  Farbelow 1usv/h, Interlocked safety device
Power input AC220V±10%,50/60HZ,2kW
Level of protection IP66 for trasimission part, IP54 for other parts
Environmental temperature  10℃-40℃

Comment: Apply to detecting metal and nonmetal impurities like glass, stone,ceram and rigid plastic in bulk material.